April 20, 2024

A little black dress for a Christmas Eve in the countryside

You live there but we do not judge you. Promised. That's precisely where Jules grew up. He has some friends who are there or are returning for the occasion, and he begs you for three months to accompany him there. Good girl you are, you capitulated. And then the campaign has its charm, you know it. Anyway Paris - or any other big city - you have tested, you know, and it's always the same. So agree for this weekend break in Rodez. It seems that it has its charm. The program will be a good food with his childhood friends, then a cup in town. There must be a nice bar Place des Armes. Well, that's what he told you. And that's what I wish you. The best is to expect the worst not to be disappointed, and to say, believing very strongly, that 31 is everywhere lose. Does it help you?
Question look, this year, no need to make crates. There, it's really "cool", as he told you. And then precisely, the obligation to undermine for the eve is one of the other stuff you know and that basically you will not miss that much this year.

Our prescription:
A black dress, history to mark the coup. For the rest, we favor comfort and warmth. We love each other in knitwear and we put on our stuffed boots.


Our shopping:
Dress and gloves skin Carroll, 95? and 80?
Paul & Joe knit cape, 439?
Headband Ugg 62.60? and wedge-filled ankle boots Asos, 68.42? on asos.fr
Paul's Boutique bag, 80?
Leather and faux fur boots Zara, 139? sure zara.com

Saying Goodbye to Will & Christmas Shopping in Norwich | VLOGMAS 3 (April 2024)