May 23, 2022

A little black dress for an eve with friends

The clubs? Very little for you. Queuing for three hours to shiver in the cold, and spend half a salary for an evening, what a scam! No, you've understood for a long time that to avoid losing Christmas, it was better to do that at home, among friends. You will have beforehand robbed the supermarket of the corner to celebrate properly, with champagne, fois gras and other toast you have the secret. Jules will handle the playlists, while you will have your apartment parties with streamers, confetti and mirror balls. In short, the club, you brought it home for this 31. And who says feast, said party attire. Certainly your favorite passage in the history of December 31st. As you invited some female office colleagues (must be sociable, it's your HRD who made you understand!), And they are 90-60-90 type, you will have to ensure, show them who is the hostess, and as she knows how to receive - in every sense of the word!

Our prescription:
To your little one black dress ! This one, we can count on it, it will never let go, and makes its effect every time! Sober and elegant are the key words of your dress code.


Our shopping:
Carroll dress, 95?
Dries Van Noten embroidered and woven canvas chest protector, 427?
Cardigan embroidered with pearls & sequins Topshop, about 35?
Metal belt and stones Zara, 19.95? sure
sandals Zara, 69.95?

3 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress for Less (May 2022)