June 23, 2021

A luxury bag ... but at a low price, it's possible?

After having hesitated for a long time between offering you this superb duffle coat or the ideal cloak of this winter, you finally bought the two - and we do not talk about expenses related to the ideal coat - then obviously, there is like a hole in the wallet...

But that does not stop us from dreaming because we too would see ourselves wandering Avenue Montaigne with the Lady Dior, or in the Marsh with Alexa's Mulberry or the Speedy of Vuitton without speaking of the absolute dream which is the 2.55 of Chanel. But at less than 120 euros, this is not an easy task ... But "Oh happiness! "It seems that big brands and e-shops have thought of us because they offer many bags and accessories worthy of bags classy and sometimes even inspired by the flagship models of the largest houses ... It would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it? Discover our shopping bags, to crack without complexes.


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