January 16, 2022

A new "Barbie" doll with normal proportions is marketed

"Lammily"These are realistic proportions and features, based on the portrait of a 19-year-old American girl.His founder is a young graphic designer, Nickolay Lamm. Time, The designer had launched the idea last March, based on a doll more "real" that Barbiewhich reflects a reality, certainly, but which can be cool.

Because No, not all Western women are a size 34 but have forms, curves, and even cellulite. All do not have a sumptuous hair blonde but also hair brown. All do not wear dresses ultra-tight, high perched on heels, but also jeans with city sneakers.

More so, Nickolay Lamm has embellished his "Lammily"from a series of stickers acne, freckles, moles... This first edition is available online, for 25 dollars (about twenty euros). For the moment, some 20,000 copies have passed.
This is all the more important as we approach holidays of Christmas that it could limit the anorexic culture that young teenagers followed, and the sluggish fad ofthigh gap"who was going with it.



Real-Life Barbie Doll: Model Valeria Lukyanova Transforms Herself | Good Morning America | ABC News (January 2022)