July 10, 2020

A new sport activity for young mothers

Many young moms feel stressed, abandoned and have trouble finding their line afterdelivery. You would like to resume a sporting activity but there is always a but ... you have no one to keep your baby or you are not ready to leave it to an unknown woman. That's why the gym stroller has been thought of and is making its appearance in the green spaces of Paris and Toulouse. This new sporting activity is dedicated to all young mothers.

What is the gym stroller ? 

These are gym classes for young moms. These courses, which are supervised by sports coaches, alternate active walking, muscle building and stretching, while walking around babies who are comfortably settled in their strollers. This activity is practiced on the trails of parks in large cities.

Course flow

Classes are accessible to all mothers from four to six weeks afterdelivery and on medical advice. Each one-hour session begins with a warm-up, often a moderate walk that allows the baby to fall asleep. It continues by alternating cardiovascular and muscular exercises and ends with stretching.

"Form'mum seems to me an excellent mediator because it will allow mothers to take care of them by having their child and especially to break the loneliness of the postpartum by regular meetings and exchanges" said Corinne Antoine, couple psychologist and family.

The benefits of the pushchair gym

- Meet other young moms
- Relieving the effects of postnatal "depression"
- Share an activity with her baby
- Find the physical form
- Start losing pregnancy-related overweight

Sophie Lanternier, creator of form? Mum has surrounded herself with experienced professors, graduates of state-recognized patents and having already a long professional experience behind them. These teachers are also parents in life. They are therefore well placed to understand the concerns of a young mother.

To practice the gym stroller, whose courses will begin in June 2011 in Paris and Toulouse, just a jog, sneakers and three or four wheels. This idea, which emerged in 2010 at the corner of Central Park in New York, could be established very quickly in several other French cities.

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