May 29, 2023

A newsletter for moms who want to live up to

The answer is yes ! For moms who doubt but want to surprise their toddlers and shake up their routine, My little Paris comes to their rescue by launching My little Kids, a newsletter.

Twice a week, moms subscribed to this newsletter, will receive short emails, illustrated and customized. In this email, the mother of family It will include a boost or a great idea: the Sunday morning babysitter, the best iPad applications for children, recipes, private sales of creators and the list is not exhaustive.

My Little Kids is available in two editions: Parisian and national. The site will also offer interactive modules

- to prevent all educational steps like the calendar of nonsense,

- never to be faulted (ex .: ten excuses for having forgotten him at the creche),

- to raise a child who has artistic gifts ...

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