October 22, 2021

A nice neckline for the summer with adapted care

The interview

Have a nice bust, it's maintenance!
1 °: Once a week, make a light exfoliation on your bust to eliminate all the small dead skin. Practice small circular movements from top to bottom.
2 °: Then apply a moisturizing mask that you leave for a few minutes before rinsing.
3 °: Finish with a moisturizer.
Know that this cream can be applied daily. Up to age 50, use nourishing creams, but after this age, use intensive products, such as Clarins Neck and Neck Concentrate, which in addition to being pleasant to apply will have an effect anti wrinkle and anti-stains. (50ml bottle: 70?)
If you expose yourself to the sun, always apply a protective cream to protect your neck from UV rays.

Choose the right bra.

The choice of a good bra is essential to properly put your chest in value. Not too big, not too small, it will help you maintain your bosom.
Tip of Marie-Claire, 53, responsible for a lingerie store.
"The strap adjustment should be done every time you put on a bra. If your skin scores easily, beware of fine straps that could leave a mark on your shoulders. Preferably, choose models with wider straps. "

Good clothes

If you have a small chest and want to give it a little breadth, choose a push-up bra to cheat a little. On the clothing side, opt for loose clothing such as men's shirts or blouses. Always keep in mind that everything that is small ... is cute, it is well known. So do not be ashamed of your bosom and wear pretty empire style dresses that will showcase you.

If on the contrary, you have a rather imposing chest:
- Go for v-necks rather than round-necks,
- Choose discrete prints,
- Do not load your neck too much in jewels.

Some tips

Here are some tips for maintaining your breast:
? Prefer a cold shower on your bosom in the morning to tone them.
? Once your bra is put on, apply some tinted or slightly glittery powder in the hollow of your bosomwhich will give it a little depth.
? Every day, do this little exercise to strengthen your chest muscles: put your arms at a right angle, join your hands with your elbows out and press your palms.
? Always have a magic pencil in your purse to help with small tasks. At Sephora, you will find the Eclair de peau pen, handy for erasing the pigmentary imperfections of the face, décolleté and hands. (32.50? / 6ml)

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