October 25, 2021

A pedicure, what for?

You have never pushed the door of a pedicure-chiropodist? What a pity. Because after a visit, your feet will be light and sweet and all the little sores treated well. The pedicure performs foot care when the chiropodist treats affections. But this is mostly the same person.

No need for a medical prescription to make an appointment with a podiatrist. It is able to take care of your feet, their skin, nails and design and build orthopedic insoles if needed, to compensate for possible foot malformations and vascular problems of the legs, pathologies of the knees or back. On the other hand, he is not a doctor. He can not therefore prescribe medication (except creams and gels with local effects) nor do surgery. If the problem you are suffering from exceeds his skills, he will refer you to a doctor.

Common diseases of the foot that pedicure-chiropodist heals are horns feet, calluses, fungal infections, plantar warts, partridge eyes, ingrown toenails, toe overlaps, sagging of the arch ... Something often forgotten they also treat perspiration problems.

The course of a session always starts with an exam. Without a specific diagnosis, the pedicurist-chiropodist will eliminate hard skin, massage your feet and cut your nails.

Our advice
Diabetics and the elderly must see a pedicurist and chiropodist on a regular basis in order not to let the wounds and pains of feet get worse or even get infected.

Pedicure: What To Expect (October 2021)