June 23, 2024

A precious moment at Spa Gemology

The Spa : In a superb "building-castle" of the capital housing the very chic Hotel Saint James hides the first spa Gemology in Paris. The brand specializing in mineral care has settled in the private club, in a luxury nineteenth century, with two cabins and two steam rooms. In this space decorated with a boudoir spirit a little out of time, we take advantage of exclusive protocols to precious and semi-precious stones.

Care : And if we made the skin with stress with a massage relaxing with semi-precious stones? The care begins in an original way with a part of the body often neglected in most massage : ears. While lying on her back, with a small pointed stone, the practitioner presses on several specific points (lobe, flag ...). The most sensitive may not find it necessarily pleasant. Me, on the other hand, I already start from, my mind escapes elsewhere. After this atrial reflexology, place to a more classic but more relaxing foot reflexology. At each zone of the body, its stone. This time, the practitioner uses an oval-shaped hot stone to press and massage the arch then each toe before pulling lightly on it. It's the foot (without wanting to make bad word games)! It then passes to the legs and back alternating kneading with the hands and with hot Peridot stones, larger than those used previously, they are green and square. All combined with oil mixing orange and vanilla to soften and tone the skin. Lulled by the relaxing music, surrounded by the scent of ylang ylang, totally relaxed by the pressures neither too light nor too much rest, we finally doze off. We wake up at the end of massage rested just right, but absolutely not stunned. On the contrary, we are as invigorated and ready to face the rest of the day.

Relaxing massage, 60 minutes, 105? Mineral Treat & Brunch formula at the Saint James Club with access to the hammam, a facial or scrub and a wrap followed by a massage body or a massage face and a massage body, and a brunch, 120? Only on Sunday. Spa Gemology of the Saint James Club, Hotel Saint James, 43 avenue Bugeaud, Paris 16th, 01 44 05 81 81.


Rituel Démaquillage (June 2024)