August 12, 2020

A stylish eve: the testimonials

Amélie, 28, public servant
"I had bought a gorgeous unbleached silk blouse that I wore on flowing black pants and beautiful two-tone pumps. I had the impression to have a very Chanel look ... What I had not planned is that the red jacket, wool and unlined, that I had threaded to make the trip to the evening was going to rub off ... I had a little perspiration on the way and I had reddish halos at the armpits of my superb top! I spent the whole evening with my arms glued to the body so that nobody will notice it! "

Marie-Astrid, 31, logistician

"That year, I decided to spend the evening of the 31st at the fireplace, in pajamas in my parents' country house. My cousins ​​went unannounced to embark on a fiesta. The problem? I had nothing to wear! Finally, I borrowed the silk kimono of my mother that I put in a wrap dress, I made a fuzzy bun to which I added a few small pieces of silver garlands and I was adorned! "

Nina, 27, press secretary
"I had to work late at night on the 31st and when I got home, I quickly put on a black dress with some jewels. It was while watching the invitation to find the address of the evening that I realized that it was a disguised party. The theme ? Metro stations. I panicked ! It was too late to call friends to the rescue or to buy anything ... I then had the idea to catch several shoes of different colors and bind them together with string. I put everything around my dress and I was ready ... I was going to embody the station Rue de la Pompe! "

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