December 10, 2023

A toll free number to help parents at the end of the roll

The 119 is an anonymous, green number that already exists. "Hello childhood in danger" has for mission to listen to the callers (often families or abused children) and to advise them, to contact the social services in the face of dangerous situations and to carry out preventive actions.
Last May, Nadine Morano, Secretary of State in charge of the Family and Solidarity, told the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva that "National and free telephone line, the 119, is open for parents who are out of date in their role as parents". The line for children at risk will therefore be extended to families in distress. This listening will be "Provided by child protection professionals, will help to guide parents out of control and detect situations that can quickly escalate".
"Managing a family conflict is caring for children; to manage a conflict between parents is to prevent that at one time or another, the children do not pay the price of the parental disagreement " she added.
She also stated that "the government is considering ways to strengthen support measures for parental separation, such as mediation, and even to innovate by introducing a parenting guide so as to systematically prioritize the child's interest ".
Finally, the Secretary of State announced that "France wants to be exemplary in the protection of the rights of the child, because children are our future".