June 23, 2024

Absence of orgasm: five reasons to explain it

The track of hormonal deficiency
It is nice to wait for it firmly, it happens that theOrgasm never loom. Among the possible origins of this problem, one can first think of a lack of estrogen. This female hormone having, among other things, as a function of lubricating the vagina, its absence causes a drought in this area and makes sex much less pleasant or frankly painful. A deficiency that is common after childbirth, during menopause or in case of anorexia installed but can be corrected by appropriate treatments.

The occurrence of benign diseases
Other purely physical causes can generate anorgasmia. The presence of urinary tract infections, fungal infections (most are non-contagious because they are triggered spontaneously by the body and come from a change in the natural balance of it) or sexually transmitted diseases can cause inflammation and irritation that make your body-to-body much less ecstatic. If you had orgasms previously, and that's no longer the case today, so think about this eventuality. And consult your gynecologist to make sure that everything is fine on this side.

A lack of knowledge of your erogenous regions
But the source of your worries may be in the fact that you and your partner do not know which are the most receptive places in your intimate geography. For example, you do not have to spend hours trying to reach seventh heaven through penetration if it turns out that you are more clitoral, as are many women. So heal the preliminaries and adapt your antics to this particular sensitivity.

High dose stress
By the influence that it can have on the libido, the stress can also be put to the dock of the accused. If you are tense or anxious, it is not surprising that you do not succeed in letting go enough to let the sensations rise ... To reach again the summits of pleasure, take your hand in hand: go swimming, running, do yoga, sophrology or karate. This will help you regain serenity ... and the path toOrgasm ! 

Negative conditioning or trauma
Finally, if you do not have anyOrgasmit may be that you do not allow yourself to receive it, because of the education you received as a child, in which everything about sex was considered taboo or downright degrading. More dramatically, anorgasmia can result from sexual assault or sexual intercourse that you have experienced very badly in the past. It seems essential in this case to undertake a therapeutic work with a psychologist, in addition to the criminal action you will take if you have suffered violence. 

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