October 27, 2021

Absolution, organic care for men and women

In addition to being effective for us as for our darling, the organic care Absolution are offered in high-end and recyclable packaging. In total, three creams, one evening and morning water and four solutions of which one drop in each treatment is enough to multiply the beneficial effect of moisturizing creams. These treatments are good for the skin since without paraben, without PEG, without phthalates, without GMO ... and contain natural assets.

The cream of the day, with green tea, calcium and centella, is regenerating and anti-oxidant. The evening cream allows the skin to rest for a relaxed and fresh complexion in the morning. The cream of the man (yes there is one, but it can be stitched without problems) is firming and toning.

Each cream can be mixed with a drop of solutions + from the range. The goal ? Target and accentuate the effect of the cream: you can add an asset anti wrinkle, control, brightness or energy.

This sleek and stylish range arrives on November 9th in the Bon Marché stores in Paris. But care is also available on the brand's website and delivered in more than 40 countries: www.absolution-cosmetics.com

Cream of the day: 56?
Evening cream: 58?
Cream of the man: 56?
Water evening and morning: 30?
Solutions +: 69? each

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