May 29, 2023

Acne in adults: light treatments

Pharmacies and drugstores offer local treatments (to apply on the skin) that can be effective depending on the severity of acne. Anti-sebum dermatological loaves, gels, creams or lotion ... Many anti-acne products are available with or without a prescription.

Better skin hygiene

The best way to fight against acne is first and foremost to take good care of your skin. The most important steps: the cleansing and deep cleaning.
Even after a drunken or trying evening, do not forget to remove make-up to unclog the pores of your skin and prevent the appearance of blackheads or blemishes. Once the makeup residue is removed, clean your skin at night with a mild cleansing gel or dermatological bar. In the morning, opt for an anti-imperfection lotion to apply to the cotton, without rinsing. Once a week or every two weeks, if your skin is very oily, gently scrub in circular motions. Choose products of natural preference, which are neither strippers nor aggressive.

Local treatments

Local treatments apply on the skin. The best way to be sure of choosing the best product for your skin is to consult a dermatologist who will tell you the best solutions available to you.
These so-called "light" treatments are indicated in case of moderate or minor acne. They can also supplement a stronger treatment (oral). As soon as the pimples appear, it is advisable not to use overly rich or greasy face creams or to overload your makeup skin. The layered layers of foundation, in addition to accentuate the shine of the skin, have the chic to obstruct the pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

Our selection :

The Purifying range, Payot
Three products for fewer blemishes on the skin. The range includes a stick covering to hide the buttons without attacking them, the famous gray paste to better remove and heal pimples and gel Special 5 to soothe. Each product costs 17.50 ?. In perfumeries, department stores and parapharmacies.

Blackhead extractor, pores no more vacuum cleaner, by Dr. Brandt, 45?
Exclusively at Sephora and on
A weapon of mass destruction of blackheads as it extracts and exfoliates dead skin. We like its freshness on the skin and the fact that it is not abrasive at all.

Purifying cleansing water and purifying foaming gel Sebactiv, by Roger Cavaillès, 9,25? (250ml) and 9.95? (300ml)
Two products to own in his bathroom for an irreproachable skin hygiene. Based on burdock, betapur and moisturizing agents.

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