April 10, 2021

Adopt a child: the procedure and the papers to be provided

The first step to adopt a child is to write a letter to the general council of your department: this is the first step in your approval process. It will be necessary to present you in a few lines: name, first names, family situation ... You do not need to go into the details ... You will be able to do it thereafter at the reception of the file.

After this letter, you will be invited to an information meeting and will receive a registration application form to be completed. During this meeting, you will receive comprehensive information on all aspects ofadoption (psychological, legal ...). You will be told all the procedure to follow

- the documents to be provided,
- the number of adoptable children in your department,
- the number of approvals issued,
- the main principles of theadoption international,
- the names and addresses of the recognized organizations.

You may also indicate that you are applying for Child Welfare services to study your application for accreditation for the purpose ofadoption of a child. Finally, it is necessary to address your mail to the President of the general council of your department of residence. It is not useful to send registered mail.

In this confirmation, prospective parents must also indicate the number and age of the children they want to adopt, ethnic origin. They must also indicate whether they wish to adopt a child or children with disabilities.

To this confirmation, we must add:

-A full copy of the birth certificate of the adopting parent (s),
-The candidate must also specify if he already has children,
-A photocopy of the family record book,
-The bulletin n ° 3 of the criminal record
-A medical certificate of less than three months. Attention, the doctor who will establish this certificate, must be inscribed on a list drawn up by the president of the General Council,
- Salary slips or tax slip
-No forget the questionnaire given at the first meeting.

How is the instruction?

This is the moment of the meeting between the future parents, a social worker and a psychologist. These face-to-face meetings are not interrogations but rather dialogues where all the speakers can express themselves and ask questions. Sometimes expect intimate questions: the couple's story, family and friendships, projects and how the adopted child will be educated.

The decision: when?

It is given about 9 months (the time of a pregnancy) after and remains valid for five years. It specifies the number of children that can be adopted and the type of child. Cases of refusal are rare.

If approval is refused

The candidate (s) may file a gracious appeal before the President of the General Council within 2 months. If the president maintains his refusal, the candidates can appeal to the administrative court of appeal, again within 2 months. It's a long procedure. The use of a lawyer is not mandatory but strongly recommended. Here are the reasons that can lead to a refusal: psychological counter-indications, insufficiently elaborated project, incoherence against motivation of both spouses, rigid educational attitudes, material and / or precarious social situation.

Adoption fees

They are free for France, with the exception of medical fees. If the child comes from a foreign country, the cost ofadoption is on the other hand expensive. Rates vary from 10,000 to 20,000 euros depending on the organization chosen, the country of origin and, in case ofadoption direct, costs of legislation, translation, lawyer, plane, hotel ...

How to Adopt a Child (April 2021)