August 14, 2022

Adriana Karembeu: divine amazon at the Salon du Chocolat

Necklace Ferrero Rocher neck, platinum blond curly hair, cat eyes look and beaded complexion: like an amazon, Adriana Karembeu illuminated the podium at the parade of the 18th edition of the Chocolate lounge, October 30 in Paris. Dressed by the designer Cécile Frémy and the chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau for Ferrero, the muse Alain Afflelou has charmingly embodied the universe "Space" of the show "Les Nouveaux Mondes du Chocolat". By wearing a chocolate strapless dress dotted with gold leaf highlighted by a golden wire sphere, from the top of its 1m85, Adriana Karembeu subdued the audience. And to perfectly represent this visionary journey, the model has opted for retro curls. A glamorous hairstyle that made a sensation. Beauty by a pink blush on the cheekbones, a powdery pink red on the lips and silver and black eyes on the eyelids, Adriana Karembeu was without a doubt one of the rare gems of this gourmet parade.


Copy the look of Adriana Karembeu?
To achieve a retro blow-dry, wash your hair with a shampoo and a special conditioner for curly hair, this will strengthen the good behavior of your ripples. Wring out your hair and dry it with a hot towel. Then, get a comb to untangle them. For a voluminous hair, start your blow-dry head downwards, making sure to brush right from the roots. Then, dry the wicks located at the bottom of the neck and go back little by little. Wrap the hair around the brush and smooth to the ends. Once your hair is almost dry, wrap your tips with curlers. Let them sit for a few minutes, while the loop is fine, then gently detach the hair curlers. If necessary, gently rework your undulations with a round brush. Finally, as a finishing touch, spray a cloud of hairspray. Glamorous effect in perspective ...

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