August 2, 2021

After the short hair, Beyoncé opts for a diving square

In the process of dethroning Rihanna, hair side? That's what you would think ... The singer Beyoncé has indeed changed her mind again this week. In the same vein as the famous Riri, the world-famous singer seems to want to try all hair styles. And after experimenting with very short and blond hair (see our article: After Rihanna, Beyoncé crack for short hair), Queen B. now sports a plunging square, platinum blonde. Verdict? We love a lot, and even more than his short cut tomboy. The long locks of the front perfectly frame his oval face, and soften his features even more. And the diving side of this haircut add a touch of rock and madness to this smooth and wise square. Result: Beyonce has feline and wild looks, which correspond perfectly. Proof that she can be sexy and glamorous, even without her long wavy mane.
Only downside, however: the color. Platinum blond is a daring and risky color that does not fit everyone. We also prefer our dear Queen B. with a honey color, brighter and more nuanced, rather than with this blond too light, especially for its caramel complexion. Another problem to lament, side coloring here: the outrageous dark roots, much too visible to our taste. But, let's move on, Beyoncé remains, after all, sublime. Like always. It remains to be seen if she will keep this cup for a moment or if it will end up, once again, by changing. One thing is certain, however: with the hair cut, little risk that they end up stuck in a fan ...

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