January 31, 2023

Agave syrup: cactus sugar as slimming ally

Several candidates are available to us to replace our traditional table sugar (white). Among them is the agave syrup, made from the sap of this small cactus.

Originally from Mexico, agave syrup is mainly composed of fructose (natural fruit sugar) and has a low glycemic index. He turns out to be an ally thinness correct, for which it consumes in reasonable quantity, since 100g bring approximately 300 kcal against 400 kcal for the classic sugar. It thus has a very satisfactory sweetening power and less impacting on our line.

More flavor than Stevia and more calories ...

Side flavor and appearance, the agave syrup is similar to the texture of honey, while being a little more shaded than this one; it is for this reason that the Aztecs called it "honey water".
Unlike Stevia, it is very mild on the palate and has little effect on the taste of the foods you associate with it. It goes well with coffee, tea, yogurt and can even be used in cake dough (75g agave syrup - 100g white sugar). It is found in supermarkets and organic supermarkets, usually in small glass jars or in plastic bottles with measuring spouts.

Attention, however, a high consumption is not recommended for people with diabetes in diet, the present fructose increasing the triglyceride level. Recall that these, when they are too large in our body, can trigger pancreatitis or cardiovascular events.

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