August 15, 2022

Agnès b. arrive at Monoprix

Good news ! The makeup collections of the brand agnès b. land today in 83 stores Monoprix in France, and 4 Beauty Monop '. A partnership that perfectly illustrates the brand's desire to democratize beauty and trends. What delight all the followers of these products of famous, famous from Paris until Tokyo, while passing by London and New York. Customers will be able to find their flagship products, already cult, like the Apricot Embellisher, a tinted cream enriched with vitamins C and provitamin B5, for a soft and radiant skin, but also the red b. Perfect (enriched with care elixir, ideal for nourished and colored lips), and Monobulles eyeshadow special effects, pearlescent or lamés. The Ecrin Reversible, a make-up palette that looks like a fashionable and trendy evening clutch, or the Deep Black Eyeliner for irresistible hind eyes, will also be available. A wide range of products, which has made the brand famous agnès b. and conquered many women around the world.


And as the designer says so well: "makeup, like clothing, is the freedom for women to express who they are." So, do not hesitate, go to your store Monoprix the closest, and give free rein to your desires.

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