June 13, 2024

Alert, I have a button: should I pierce it?

It sits in the middle of your chin: imposing, painful, unsightly. And despite the gallons of makeup on your face, and your efforts to camouflage it, you still see it. As if he was blinking. Only one desire then: to exterminate it so that it disappears, there, immediately, now. You'll understand: we're talking here about a horrible button. An imperfection among many others (unfortunately), which spoils the lives of millions of women and men. But what to do in these cases? Should I pierce the button that ruins your life? Or leave him in peace, waiting for him to evaporate? Sonia Merouane, Trainer Expert Beauty Gatineau, answers all our questions.
1. Drill it, yes, but under certain conditions

If it is small white buttons (and therefore ripe), it is quite possible to pierce them. But be careful how you proceed. Prohibition to do it in the middle of the subway, with dirty hands, and over your makeup. This is indeed the best way to have more buttons the next day. To properly get rid of your imperfection, it is better to wash your hands and get rid of face any trace of make-up. In short, be in good hygienic conditions. Then wrap a tissue around each of your index fingers. Then exterminate your button, and gently wipe with tissue. Remember to wash the affected area at the end. To avoid a spread of buttons because of possible residues resulting from the piercing of your button.
2. Leave it, if it is a microcysts
First we must know the difference between a microcysts and a comedone. To summarize, a microcyst is manifested by an elevation of the skin, red and painful, with a fairly large diameter. It is therefore necessary to adopt another behavior vis-à-vis this type of button. Understand here: do not, especially, touch it! It would only make things worse. Because the microcysts disappear of themselves, after a while, and it is rare that it leads to a white button, ready to be pierced. In this case, it is better to apply, on the microcyst, a drying roll-on, a little purifying mask or clay, to clean it up. And of course, then you have to wait for him to go away, on his own. Easier said than done, you say, but much better for your skin.

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