February 29, 2024

Alessandra Sublet poses with her daughter in A of Elle

Alessandra Sublet creates a surprise this week by doing the cover of Elle, with her little daughter, Charlie, 10 months old. All smiles, the favorite French presenter takes advantage of this happening to discuss the difficult period that followed the birth of his daughter. In his book testimonials, You got the blues, baby, which will be published on May 2nd at Editions Flammarion, Alessandra Sublet shares his experience and the difficulties of young people mum that she went through. And there was no better media move than the one to display with its own baby, to make talk.

As of Thursday, She was posting a photo of her new cover on her Twitter account. We could guess a young woman with a blurred face baby laughing in the arms. For once, so this is the face of the young mum and not the one of thechild which was concealed. A rare fact among our friends the people who often prefer that the boils of their offspring remain top-secret. But at a time when stars expose their privacy and their most intimate photos on social networks; at a time when the little Suri Cruise, Harper Beckham and Violet Affleck are real mini-starlets, Alessandra Sublet finally chose to assume in the eyes of both sides of his life, private and public.

A way for her to promote her, of course, but also to send a message to all moms sometimes a little out of date who always do their best every day, even when baby blues sets in.

Laeticia Hallyday « pourquoi hait-elle Alessandra Sublet ? » (February 2024)