April 17, 2024

Alessandra Sublet, you have the look cocotte!

Every night, surrounded by his small band of chroniclers, Alessandra Sublet receives the personalities of culture or entertainment in the loft of C to you. But Saturday night, Alessandra Sublet was also in charge of the Sidaction evening with Laurent Delahousse. Perfect in her role as mistress of ceremony, Alessandra Sublet had the difficult task of giving rhythm to an evening marked by the songs of the stars of the variety.

And if Alessandra Sublet is willingly characterized as a tomboy, she does not hesitate to pose for a special beauty record in the magazine Gala ...

Molded in a slim red leather (very Isabel funny to and with a black lace top, Alessandra Sublet and his glam rock style seduce every night more and more faithful.


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Nylon 1 (April 2024)