April 10, 2021

Alexa Chung: fresh and natural muse for Longchamp

"Alexa Chung will be the face of our next campaign! " happily announced the brand on his Twitter account. The famous French brand is delighted with this collaboration with the British model, who will pose for their Spring-Summer 2014 campaign. To justify this choice, Marie-Sabine Leclercq, Longchamp's director of international communication, declares: "for this new Escales collection, full of gaiety, energy and colors, it needed a woman at once chic and modern and inscribed in tune with the times. Alexa Chung is the woman who embodies it best. His very strong and present magnetic look gives a lot of personality to the brand. " The freshness, the naturalness and the charisma of the British model delighted the French Leather Goods House, which has not failed to praise its new face: "She has an attitude that is both ultra-fashionable and ultra-chic (...) she is beautiful and intelligent, she has energy, she assumes it."
To support her comments, Marie-Sabine Leclercq has only to present, proudly, the first image from the photo shoot of their next campaign. We see Alexa Chungin a retro cabriolet, one hand on the steering wheel, another on a yellow Longchamp fold, with a strap. The eye-catching color is reminiscent of lemon and sun, two key ingredients of summer. Alexa, she shines her azure gaze on the lens and displays a mischievous smile. Another photo was also unveiled by the brand: Alexa poses, this time, in a white baby-doll dress, embellished with a long cream feminine coat. She holds in her hand a shining Red Longchamp bag. She plays, as always, his feline eyes. And displays this expression so special, which makes all its charm: this mouth, slightly rolled up on the side.
These first two shots give us a little taste of the upcoming Longchamp collection, which promises to be colorful and vitaminized. Alexa Chung turns out to be the perfect icon to give life to this future line of bags and leather goods. We can not wait to see more ...

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