October 21, 2020

Alice Munro: a woman who writes for women

Canadian Alice Munro publishes a collection of short stories fugitives August 21st at Editions de l'Olivier. A leading candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature, this writer has written eight short fiction about love and destiny, each time revealing a moment for his characters.
This news, which explores memory and memories, is worn by heroines such as Carla who lives in a mobile home with Clark and hides a heavy secret ...
Alice Muro is the author of about ten collections of short stories. His only novel, Far from it, was adapted to the cinema by Sarah Polley in 2007.
Alice Munro, fugitives
Released: August 21st
News - Ed de L'Olivier

Alice Munro, In Her Own Words: 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature (October 2020)