August 14, 2022

Alice Taglioni: hair alert, the actress goes to platinum blond

The Cabourg Festival may be an opportunity for French starlets to display their best romantic looks. In full pastel and bohemian trend, the actresses were able to dazzle us, not only by their performance but also on red carpet.

Alice Taglioni was in Cabourg to present the movie Paris-Manhattan, a romantic comedy for which she met Patrick Bruel and Marine Delterme and will be on our screens in July. On the red carpet, we rediscover the sparkling actress with false airs of model, which attracts light blow blow platinum blonde. Incredibly femme fatale, Alice Taglioni adorned his makeup look of a lipstick pronounced, invigorating her pretty complexion and illuminating this coloring summer.

The beauty is far from being the only star to have opted for a solar or platinum color on the eve of the summer. Find our summer color slideshow.

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