August 12, 2020

All about acupressure

Acupressure is one of the five branches of Chinese medicine. It is inspired by acupuncture where the skill of needles is replaced by finger pressure to stimulate key areas of the body. Acupressure involves massaging specific points to release stress and muscle pain to allow energy to circulate freely in the body.

The session takes place in a calm environment
and conducive to relaxation. The massage is practiced without oils.

During the session, the therapist
will press with his fingers on the acupuncture meridians to circulate the vital energy called Qi. You keep your clothes. Shiatsu is the Japanese version of acupressure. Indeed, this method is based on the same principle, namely the massage digital.

A massage session
Acupressure lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, after which a deep sense of well-being and relaxation envelop you.

The benefits of this therapy
are multiple: acupressure relieves physical pain and muscle tension. The massage helps to preserve your health capital by protecting you against diseases. In addition, it regulates the mood and the emotions and will help you to find a sleep of quality.

Everyone can practice digipression. There is no particular contraindication to these sessions of massage.
Before a acupressure session, it is recommended not to overeat and to avoid consuming alcohol.
Inquire at a trade show massage classic to find out where this massage is practiced.
Our advice
You can do a test on yourself: massage the point between the thumb and forefinger on the back of the hand, this massage will help you regain energy.

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