January 24, 2021

All About AMD: Protecting Against Illness

Vitamin B as a shield?

A recent US study was conducted on more than 5,000 women, all over the age of 40 and unaffected by disease at the beginning of the investigation. It reveals that taking vitamin B could prevent AMD. Professor of Medicine William Christen explains that this vitamin could reduce the risk of developing the disease according to the results that indicate that 55 cases of AMD were recorded in the group of women who took vitamin B (combined with folic acid) compared to 82 in the group of women who took a placebo. According to the researchers, this vitamin could reduce by 41% the risk of developing the condition.

Do not take your food lightly

Poor eating habits can accelerate the development of age-related macular degeneration. For your well-being in general and to better prevent the disease, it is important to keep a food balanced and eat at fixed times. Also avoid skipping meals! The fatty acids (omega 3) present mainly in fish, especially fats (tuna, salmon, herring ...), make it possible to make vision work by taking care of the photoreceptors. These nutrients are also found in soy, nuts or wheat germ.

Antioxidants such as vitamin E, zinc, beta carotene and selenium (to name a few) are also excellent in preventing retinal cell damage. Choose tea, cocoa, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, watermelon ... As for carotenoid pigments, they serve as a sunscreen and are mainly found in green vegetables (such as spinach) and in the yolk of? egg.

Tobacco and obesity: other risk factors

You were looking for another reason to stop smoking? Here is one! Smoking, in addition to irritating the eyes, makes the retina age even more. As a result, tobacco is a fertile ground for AMD. Numerous studies published in scientific journals confirm this. A smoker will be 5 times more likely to develop AMD than a non-smoker. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this risk of tobacco on the eyes. Obesity is also a risk factor.

Overweight should be taken seriously. The weight must be monitored and in case of obesity, it must decrease. Regarding sun exposure, even though studies have not yet shown that light plays a role in the appearance of diseaseProtecting yourself from the sun by wearing sunglasses is important to avoid cataracts or other eye problems or burns.

The key word: to track!

Unfortunately, there is no cure for AMD. Can not find the view when it has been completely, or partially, lost. The only way to treat the disease the most effective way is screening. Free screenings are often organized throughout France during the year and associations exist to better communicate on the disease, reassure and counsel patients or those interested in disease. If you see any of these symptoms, consult your ophthalmologist as soon as possible: straight lines that wavy or deform, feeling of lack of light at the time of reading or poor vision of the contrast of letters, poor perception of details. Get Amsler's screening grid and fix the center of the grid after the other eye. If ripples appear, consult immediately.

Good addresses:
Green number: 0800 880 660
An aid association that accompanies the sick and informs them.

www.dmlainfo.fr: a very complete site to better know the disease and learn more about treatments. Videos explain the disease in images, in pictures.

What is Macular Degeneration? (January 2021)