October 27, 2021

All about aphrodisiacs

From the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite who embodied beauty and love in ancient times, the aphrodisiacs would be made from animal and plant substances and would increase desire sexual and performance.

Some original substances Natural like ginger, ginseng, garlic, saffron would be supposed to stimulate the erectile functions in the man. The scientists say they would only produce a placebo effect and each of these products should be consumed in high doses to see the effects on the desire sexual.

Some products believed to increase desire would be toxic, so avoid all consumption of suspicious products, even if you are promised absolute nirvana! For example, ingestion of cantharid fly powder trigger an inflammation of the urinary system. It causes a erection prolonged and can be very toxic, resulting in renal hemorrhage that can be fatal. Other products would be equally dangerous: yohimbine, extracted from an African tree, would cause liver diseases ...

Rhino horn, whose virtues have been praised for centuries, would have no real impact on the desire. On the other hand, it contributes to the extinction of the species!

Ginseng is probably the most famous aphrodisiac. It is the root of a plant found in North America and Asia, although so far no study has formally demonstrated its effectiveness. As the mandrake, plant sought because of its phallic form, and found in countries around the Mediterranean, whose effect could not be proven.
Nutmeg is also said to be aphrodisiac, but at high doses it causes muscle cramps ...

Our advice 
No studies formally demonstrate the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. The only proven efficacy is its placebo effect. So, why not try some natural products, occasionally, as part of a naughty evening, to create an atmosphere conducive to desire sexual...