May 28, 2024

All about avocado, a healthy fruit

The origins of thelawyer : thelawyer is a fruit (not a vegetable contrary to popular belief) from a tree native to Mexico, avocado. Word lawyer comes from Spanish, which literally means "testicle", little nod to the shape of this fruit. Once picked from the tree, it has the distinction of continuing to ripen, provided it is stored at room temperature.
Consumption: thelawyer is eaten for dessert in some countries! Malagasy and Brazilians, for example, often eat it at the end of the meal sprinkled with sugar. Mexican cuisine makes great use oflawyers, especially for the preparation of sauces guacamoles, whose recipe is based on this fruit. Its leaves are also used as a condiment in this type of cuisine. Americans are also fond of their sushi recipes made oflawyer (unlike Japanese sushi that does not contain it).
Beyond its culinary virtues, thelawyer is great for your health It has the effect of decreasing the rate of bad cholesterol and increasing the good. Thelawyer is also one of fruits the most caloric, but also one of those that contains the most antioxidant virtues.
A lawyer weighs about 200 grams and contains 160 calories per 100 grams. It is rich in potassium, phosphorus and vitamin B. A real health asset, we do not hesitate to consume it!

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