June 23, 2024

All about birth declaration: where, when, how?

The declaration of birth : What is it ?

The declaration of birth is a free official act that establishes the proof of a person's existence, identity and affiliation. It must be done at each birth a child.

Where to make a statement of birth ?

You have to go to the civil service of the town hall of the place of birth of your child. The act of birth is immediately written by a registrar who will write on the register of the place of birth, the day, time and place of birth, the sex of the divine child and the given names. The latter will then issue you the health book.

When to make the birth declaration?

The declaration of birth must be made within three working days of the day of the birth. If the last day of the deadline is a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday, the period is of course extended until the first working day that follows. If the three-day period has passed, a judgment of the district court of the place of birth of baby will be necessary to enter the declaration on the registers. This process can take several months.

Who can make a declaration of birth ?

It can come from the father, the attendant at the hospital center, the mother or any other person who attended the delivery. A mother who has given birth without a witness can declare her child herself. If you are not married, do not forget to take the steps to establish parentage (recognition). Nowadays, the declaration of birth can be done since the maternity but the happy father will still have to sign the document. And yes we do not stop progress!

What documents must be provided for the declaration of birth?

- The certificate of birth completed by the doctor or midwife
- Identity documents
- The booklet family for married couples
- The name selection form duly completed and signed by both parents. The first names are freely chosen by the parents unless they harm the child.

Questions? Questions ? You can go to the town hall of your home.

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