December 10, 2023

All about Botox: Botox Addict, Anti botox, they testify!

Botox Addict
Louise, 32: "I could not bear my expression lines on the forehead anymore, with the botox, I immediately saw the results, I began to find myself beautiful and to love me, it changed my life! "
Manon, 55 years old "I was scared to get started but my husband encouraged me. It took me 2 sessions to see the result. Thanks to botoxI won 10 years ... »
Laura, 40 years old "At first I did this out of curiosity but gradually, I became totally addict, I had trouble waiting 6 months between 2 injections, I calmed down and since then and it's better ! "

Those who regret!
Julia, 62 years old "I would never use the botox. The evening in the ice after the injection, I looked at myself, I was unable to frown, I had the impression that I had removed part of myself "
Margot, 48 years old "It's a disaster, I had to stop because I had a compulsive relationship with the botox, I even consulted a psychiatrist, it became a drug "
Juliette, 37 years old "Following the injections of botoxI had terrible migraines, I was warned that it could be a side effects but at this point! It's not worth the pain
Marine, 39 years old "One day my children told me they preferred me before, so I stopped everything"
Jacqueline, 45 years old "I wanted a less worried face, I find myself with a totally inexpressive forehead!"

Anti Botox
Fleur, 35 years old "I will never have recourse to botoxbecause I'm afraid that in a few years, it is announced that this product was dangerous "
Gwenaëlle, 60 years old "We must accept aging, wrinkles is also a memory, erase them, it's a way of denying your past"
Caroline, 45 years old "I think there is nothing beautiful in the frozen forehead, inexpressive, it's almost scary ..."