January 26, 2021

All about Burgundy specialties

The Burgundy cuisine is inseparable from wines in the region and in particular the wine red. It invades pans as much as glasses to sublimate the dishes such as the famous Burgundian beef that simmers and dabbles for hours in its wine red. This rich and often quite rich cuisine has gone beyond our borders, especially with the snail and its butter, a real emblem of Burgundy and France abroad.
The gougères are less known and yet not less tasty: these cheese sprouts the size of a roll or a chouquette are a real treat and very easy to achieve to amaze theaperitif.
To go to Dijon without tasting the nonnettes would be criminal! Originally manufactured by the nuns, hence their name, Dijon nonnets are distinguished by marmalade of orange and honey that nest in the heart of the cake made from gingerbread.
Let's talk about gingerbread ! Dijon makes it an essential specialty. Its particularity is to be exclusively and exclusively made with honey and whole flour. The lack of other sugars in the recipe has earned it the name of "health pavement? in the 17th century.
To quench your thirst, you are spoiled for choice. But the must to theaperitif remains the kir, the real one: a little crème de cassis from the region and burgundy aligoté. Or else, try anisette, an anise-based specialty from Flavigny Abbey.
For an evening wine-bread-cheese, marry the soumaintrain with a wine red Irancy fresh, the epoisses with a Côte de Beaune or a Côte de Nuits red or white and chaource with a Chablis. You tell me the news !

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