June 10, 2023

All about candle massage

The massage candle is a care that you can practice at home as well as at an institute. The candles of massage are based on vegetable wax or bee and are enriched with essential oils. For this massageit is better to be two, a professional masseur or a partner.

How it works ? Start by lighting the candle and wait until it melts, it should take about 20 minutes. It gives off a pleasant and subtle scent that envelops you and helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.
When the top of the candle becomes liquid, it should be extinguished and wait a few seconds before pouring the wax in the palm of the hand.

Then, your masseur spreads gradually
wax on your body, as if applying an oil or cream.
The texture of the candle is studied not to burn the skin and to slide on the epidermis. The partner who will practice this massage must multiply the pressures on your body.

In institute,
the more expert hand of the masseur will give you more well-being and relaxation, obviously. The massage will be practiced using the hands but also the forearms and thumbs ...

Once extinguished, the candle
remains liquid for about twenty minutes.

The massage candles
it does not have anything to do with the classic candles that contain paraffin and that may burn your skin.

Our advice
Opt for candles massage 100% natural, which you will find in organic departments or in specialized stores.


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