August 14, 2022

All about liposuction

Liposuction refers to a technique by which fat deposits are sucked, regardless of their location on the body. The process consists of incising the skin and introducing very thin cannulas, connected to a pump that sucks fat (from 2 to 3 liters only). Much progress has been made in this area and, after the intervention under local or general anesthesia, the scars are minimal and disappear more quickly ...

Liposuction can overcome unsightly curves
that physical exercise or slimming diets could not stop. This intervention makes it possible to find a silhouette more harmonious in a sustainable way, because once aspirated, the fat cells are not renewed anymore. However, this result must be maintained by a balanced diet and a little exercise.

In general, the curves that women want to treat
are located at the level of the breeches of the horse, the belly and on the thighs.

Liposuction is not recommended for women
who are overweight (obesity) and before the intervention, it is advisable to stop contraception, because of the risk of phlebitis.

For this intervention to be successful,
the skin must be toned and of good quality, so that it regains a smooth and elastic appearance a few weeks later. If the skin is relaxed with fibrous type cellulite, liposuction will be of no use.
Our advice
Before the operation, your doctor prepares a preoperative assessment to assess your general health (tobacco, contraception ...). Before you decide, think carefully because after the procedure, you will wear a compression sheath for a month, which can be annoying in everyday life and your bruises, sometimes painful, will disappear after a few weeks.

LipoLife Laser Liposuction by Alma Surgical (August 2022)