June 25, 2022

All about migraines during pregnancy

of the headache violent, sometimes enclosing half of the head and pulling into the eye, these are the symptoms of migraine. If the seizure usually lasts about half an hour and can be accompanied by vomiting, the headache lasts up to 24 hours.

A lot of women begin to suffer from migraines when they are pregnant even though they had never had one before. They are frequent especially during the first trimester and can be spaced, or even disappear, afterwards. From the time of childbirth, these migraines tend to be permanently forgotten.

A study by the British Medical Journal sounds the alarm: beware, these migraines could reveal risk factors for eclampsia, cerebral congestion, vascular problems and heart disease. If you suffer from migraines during your pregnancy, inform without delay your doctor who will know not only which treatments to give but also which tests to prescribe, to reassure you. Paracetamol is often the first drug to be tried because it is safe during your pregnancy. On the other hand, it is not always effective and your doctor will know how to replace it.

To avoid crises of migraines and decrease their intensity, it is important to take action. Rule number one: drink frequently. Avoid dehydration. Reduce the sources of stress at all costs. Walk, practice a gentle physical activity, relax, go for a massage. Eat regularly, but avoid chocolate and cheese. Of course, ban all alcohol and all tobacco!
Our advice
When you feel a crisis come, lie quiet, in the dark. Put a washcloth wet with fresh water on your neck and put it on your closed eyes.

Is it normal to get migraine headaches during pregnancy, and what should I do about them? (June 2022)