May 20, 2024

All about organic beauty products in 10 questions

1) What is a cosmetic product organic ?
It is a product composed with elements of 100% natural origin and which meet specific ecological criteria. They contain no pesticides, substances derived from GMOs, artificial flavors, dyes or chemical preservatives.

2) What are the manufacturing processes of organic beauty products?
The products are developed according to the respect of the environment and no experiment on animals was practiced in their creation.

3) When buying, can we rely on the bio label?
In France, the Ecocert label, Product Organic, Nature and Progress is a guarantee for consumers.

4) Is the presence of the organic logo a guarantee of quality and efficiency?
The designation organic does not guarantee the merits of the product. Results can be obtained in the long term, the miracle product unfortunately does not exist!

5) Are organic beauty products safe for the skin?
Some essential oils can cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. It is absolutely necessary to avoid any pure application on the epidermis.

6) Which organic beauty products to choose?
Laboratoires Weleda, Nuxe, Yves Rocher have been supporting the beauty of women for years and are constantly innovating in cosmetic research.

7) Are luxury organic products more efficient?
Cosmetics organic high-end, as Dr. Hauschka has nothing to envy to other creams that you can find in the trade.

8) What is paraben, are there in products organic ?
It is a chemical preservative that is used in cosmetics, a British study sparked a heated controversy in 2004, revealing its involvement in some breast cancers. Research is underway to determine its harmfulness. Gradually, firms remove parabens from their products. There may be some traces due to their presence in the conservation of raw materials.

9) The terms "without conservative, without paraben, without phenoxyethanol "guarantee healthy organic products?
In fact, products organic use conservatives in their products of beauty, but "without conservative" means that those used are not listed in the official list of curators.

10) What are the chemical components to avoid in our products of beauty?
Phthalates, used in nail polish and in perfumes but also aluminum salts contained in deodorants are to be avoided, in the face of the controversy they arouse.

Our advice:
INCI is the international nomenclature of the ingredients contained in the products of beauty. Check it out and find out about products to avoid, you can consult the website of Greenpeace, who has published a guide on the subject. Several books in bookstores also inform you precisely about cosmetics organic.

Q&A Answering Your Green, Clean Beauty Questions | ep. 10- Cleanser, Correctors, and More! (May 2024)