June 23, 2024

All about picking near you

Follow in the footsteps of our cave ancestors who were picking the tribe with young children when males went hunting! The good air, the sun, the quality of the family moment, the proximity to nature, the meeting with the people of the land: participating in a harvest is an extremely pleasant activity, different and brings great satisfaction.

Where to pick? In Île-de-France as in the province, many farmers and educational farms open to the public the picking of fruits, vegetables and flowers at the time of harvest.

What season for picking? According to fruits and vegetables that you want to harvest, the season varies, of course. In general, you will find something to fill your basket from the beginning of May to the end of November. What makes gathering a healthy activity to occupy the bridges of May and the great holidays!

What are the benefits and pleasures of picking? In the first place, it's a free activity, which even fills your fridge or even your freezer. You take home or in your stomach what you harvest: this is your salary. You are free to carry the quantities you need to make jams and frozen foods. Depending on the region, you can buy both potatoes and apricots or grapes, garlic, salads and onions ...

The taste of fruits and vegetables harvested on foot have a flavor that no transport or storage will have altered. Children love to participate and then you see them devouring green beans that they usually balk at swallowing. The atmosphere of picking is always very nice and there are even carpooling networks to get you there.
Our advice:
The Chapeau de Paille network opens its farms to the public wishing to collect with its own hands strawberries, tomatoes, apples, beans, arums ... You can discover on their website //www.chapeaudepaille.fr/ the map of France participating farms .

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