May 28, 2024

All about royal jelly

Royal jelly is often assimilated to honey because its consistency is fairly close. Yet its taste and effects are not comparable. Pale yellow in color with golden highlights, its flavor is acid and slightly sweet. It can be considered as a kind of noble food because royal jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee. The latter lives besides 40 times longer than the other bees, it gives sobering ...

The origins: the royal jelly comes from bee hives, the harvesting technique is against very particular. Only specialized beekeepers can venture there. You should know that a hive can not produce more than 500 grams of royal jelly a year, so it is a rare product to consume in small quantities. We must be careful to keep this product cold in our fridge to keep its nutritional qualities.

The cure of royal jelly: it must not exceed a month and the royal jelly must be consumed in the morning to fast, a gram is enough! The ideal is to make this cure twice a year, at the time of the changes of season to reinforce its immune defenses. Royal jelly is a source of vitality that will revitalize and revitalize our body. We advise you to buy natural royal jelly directly from beekeepers or specialized organic shops. Treatments in capsules or ampoules do not contain exactly the same virtues.

The benefits: royal jelly is a concentrate of vital elements. It is very rich in vitamins of group B (B3, B5, B8, B9) and minerals (leather, phosphorus, iron), which are difficult to find in other foods. It also consists of certain elements that contain antibacterial principles. All its virtues strengthen the natural defenses of the body and contribute to the proper functioning of nerve cells.

Beyond its essential qualities for our health, royal jelly is also a beauty asset. Due to its very rich composition of nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, minerals and vitamins), royal jelly is revitalizing for the epidermis. The cure can be done in order to rebalance and regenerate our skin. A true cosmetic product, it will allow us to restore radiance and softness to the complexion.

To summarize, royal jelly is a magical product that can help us cope better with everyday life:

  • - It is ideal for athletes because it improves physical performance and increases endurance.
  • - It is ideal for students because it increases intellectual performance by improving alertness and memory.
  • - It is ideal for children because it improves growth and helps strengthen the immune system.
  • - It is ideal for adults because it increases the resistance to stress by decreasing the emotional rate.

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