August 15, 2022

All about school phobia: everyday troubles

Mostly physical symptoms

What often makes diagnosing school phobia difficult is that the child's symptoms may be associated with any other illness.
He may suffer from insomnia, tachycardia, respiratory problems, fainting .... So many symptoms that direct the parents towards a classic disease that the pediatrician can easily treat.
This is what happens most of the time, parents first take the children to the doctor.
Teachers, meanwhile, send the student to the school nurse.

In the case of school phobia, despite the care and the drugs, one quickly realizes that the physical disorders persist and that the child is always sick.

At home, everything is fine

The child who suffers from school phobia will first leave a little bit and then more and more often to finally stop going to

The mere idea of ​​going back makes it really sick. He is totally paralyzed at home.

However, at home everything is fine and he seems to be a perfectly normal child. He is as usual and nothing seems to have changed in his behavior.

As long as he is not confronted with the idea ofschool everything is fine, actually.
This serene attitude at home is also one of the classic symptoms of school phobia.

Violent and violent reactions

Because of the repeated absences of their child, or even his total disappearance of the childschoolIt often happens that parents are alerted by the school directly.

Their first reaction is first anger because, most of the time, the child has managed to hide his absences (by developing treasures of ingenuity) and it is then total stupor for a mother or a father.

Many parents then struggle to force their child back to school, some even going to the door of the to force him to enter.

The parents who make these efforts are then totally disarmed by the extreme reactions of their child. Even a child with a calm and temperate character can totally change, if forced to go to while he is suffering from school phobia.

Cries, screams, fainting, tremors, very strong nerve attacks, and even suicidal behavior occur at this time. It is very difficult to understand what is going on for a parent, if we just think that his child is lazy ...
It is often in the face of such reactions that parents come to the obvious: their child suffers from a deep disturbance that goes beyond the desire to do the truant.

School phobia (August 2022)