September 25, 2021

All about school phobia: what to do?

Do not feel guilty

When a parent discovers that their child has school phobia, the first reaction is very often a feeling of guilt. The parent generally thinks that he has not been strict enough or has not put enough limits on his toddler.

Know that the education you have instilled in your child is not in question, the school phobia is a complex phenomenon that takes place slyly and finds its source in the deep psyche of the child. Psychiatrists themselves have a hard time finding the real causes of school phobia so do not imagine that you are responsible.

Finally your child needs you to get out of this impasse so do not create additional anxieties. You must be calm and serene to act in the best and in his interest.

Act quickly

The school phobia is very often diagnosed late because the symptoms of acute stress that can lead to tachycardia, vomiting and fainting are often interpreted as a comedy that the child plays to avoid going to or confused with common diseases.

However, we must not let a school phobia gain ground. The more time passes and the more it settles.
Less the child goes toschool and the more it will be difficult to return. And if the child is already out of school, it will be even more difficult to overcome this phobia.

From the first symptoms, we strongly advise you to go see your doctor who will refer you to a child psychiatrist.

Also take care to alert theschool so as not to create more problems for your child, such as temporary or permanent removal. Or worse the passage in disciplinary council.
Teaching staff are now familiar with this disease and are generally very understanding in these situations.

Find a solution with your child

A child with school phobia usually wants to get out of it. It's just that he does not find the strength to do it. It is therefore important that you try to find a solution with him.

The school phobia is treated very well today thanks to therapy sessions at the psychiatrist.
However, they can take time to have a real effect and allow the child to face theschool again. And a school phobia can last up to a year, especially when it is detected late!

In the meantime, it is welcome that the child attend correspondence courses so that he does not lose a year of schooling and avoids repetition. He usually agrees enough because it temporarily avoids him going back toschool and that he feels good at home.

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