June 2, 2020

All about school phobia: which children are concerned?

Children of childbearing age

The children of the CP to the 6th and the teenagers of the Third to the Terminal are concerned.

In kindergarten, if a child does not want to go to theschool it is simply that he suffers from an anxiety of separation from his parents. It is a fairly normal phenomenon at this age and it fades with time.
While school phobia does not fade over time. On the contrary, it gets worse if we do nothing.

Only bad students?

This is one of the main misconceptions about school phobia ... In fact, all children, regardless of their grade, their grade card can be affected. We even see many very good students no longer go to class overnight because they suffer from this phobia.

Good students would even tend to be more affected than others. This is mainly due to a desire for excessive performance and extreme perfectionism. So much so that the child feels really bad. This feeling of failure is so strong that it blocks it completely. Go to the'school therefore becomes a real ordeal and he is above his strength to return.
However, the child in question is not aware that he is a perfectionist. He feels really bad.

This disorder appears at an important stage of the child's life

The entry in CP, the passage in 6th, the arrival in Second or the year of the Bac are the times when one observes most often the appearance of the school phobia.

These are important school caps that can really distress the child and give rise to a real phobia, to the point that he can not find the energy to go to the

The birth of this phobia can also follow a recent mourning in the family. It is often the first confrontation of the child to the death of a relative.

The absence of rational causes

When the child starts to stop goingschool, the first reflex is to question him to find the origins of his anguish. However, if the child suffers from school phobia, you will see very quickly that there are no objective reasons. It is not due to a friend who tortures him, nor to a teacher who hates him, nor to a chronic laziness.

What is particularly disarming with school phobia is that we can look for reasons, we do not find them.

It should not be confused with what is called "school refusal", that is to say, the deliberate choice of the child not to go to school for a specific reason, which is usually easily found. .

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