June 23, 2024

All about school support: solidarity school support with ZUP de CO

Can you define the principle of Zup de Co?
This is an individual support given by a student who is volunteering for a student (from the 6th at the 3th ) which has serious deficiencies in french or mathematics and whose parents can not provide him with the academic support he needs.

On which criteria do you select students in difficulty?
It is the teachers who identify the students fulfilling both conditions.

How are the students recruited?
Students are recruited on the basis of volunteering. They come from big schools or universities We provide students with cards to remember the different courses. On the other hand, we pay attention to commitment and motivation. ZUP of CO is a commitment, it is a moral contract by which the student promises to be present 2h per week. It is a question of not "betraying" and not disappointing the young person we are going to take care of.

Is the "financial" side the only difference with private tutoring organizations?
No, there is also the fact that teachers from private organizations give lessons at home in a family environment. At Zup de co, our students go directly to the student's college. We thus keep a direct link with theschool. It's a kind of benevolent tutoring: the student is not a faculty member or a parent, we get to know each other, but we're not friends.

Are French and Mathematics the only subjects discussed with the student?
These two matters are in principle the only ones approached. However, the 3rd must prepare the college patent and are usually faced with the search for an internship in business. The help can therefore extend to geo history, to English and also some tips for contacting companies.

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