July 12, 2024

All about stuttering

Stuttering is not an illness, it is a complex communication disorder that has its origins in early childhood when the child develops speech.

Each case is particular and several factors can cause this handicap : stressful environment, demanding parents, socialization difficulties at nursery or school ...

Earlier stuttering will be detected and taken care of, the faster it will be treated. If you see that your child stumbles too often on certain words and that he can not always express himself accurately, these are probably the first signs of stuttering.

Generally, when a stuttering child is left alone, his language is fluid and he does not stutter. It is when he thinks of how to pronounce each word that the speech accident occurs.

For stammers, hesitating and making efforts to talk causes intense physical and psychological tension. Some parts of the face may contract during this effort of speech, blockages of the breathing can appear ...

Stuttering can cause great suffering to the person who has it; it breeds a withdrawal, a refusal to communicate with others, an apprehension of speaking ...

If your child stutters, make an appointment at the earliest at a doctor or a speech therapist, who will take care of it. Check beforehand that the practitioner has been trained to treat this disorder (because many are not).
Our advice
You can get closer to the Word Stuttering Association which has 600 members in the hexagon. Therapists who are members will help you better manage your stuttering, regardless of your age.

Stuttering- A Window of Opportunity (July 2024)