December 1, 2021

All about the Raw Food Diet

The diet raw food was born in the United States at the beginning of the XXe century, according to the theories of Ann Wigmore and Herbert Shelton, based on the benefits to humans of diet raw fruits and vegetables.
The followers of diet believed that enzymes interact with other substances including enzymes produced by the body itself to promote digestion and better assimilate vitamins. For them, cooking food at over 40 ° destroys the enzymes in the food.
They favor raw food of vegetable origin, having undergone no transformation: fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, bean sprouts, legumes, nuts ... In a diet raw, the diet must include at least 75% raw food. The rest can be meat (beef, poultry), eggs, seaweed, fish and dairy products.
The foods to be deleted in this diet are: bread, rice, potatoes because you can eat them only after eating a lot.
The diet raw food is very energetic and helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It is also good for the line because it is rich in fiber. This mode of feeding guarantees a contribution of magnesium, folic acid and potassium.
Among the disadvantages often mentioned: irritation of the intestine, diarrhea, protein deficiencies, calories or vitamin B12, as well as calcium or iron.

How are the foods consumed? The diet Raw food is a real way of life that can lead to a certain monotony. Invest in a juice extractor, to prepare fruit and vegetable juices. Sprout leguminous seeds or cook them after soaking, rich in amino acids they are essential to your balanced diet. Cereals, fruits and vegetables must be organic. Fruits are eaten outside of meals. The food should not be heated to a temperature higher than 40 degrees and preferably heated with mild steam or dehydrated at low temperatures. Protein and carbohydrate are not mixed.
With this dietit becomes difficult to accept the invitations and to eat in the restaurant. It is not a way of life that facilitates social life, if it is strictly applied.
Our advice
Live feeding is canceled for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children or people with anemia or osteoporosis. Before you get into this type of diet a little "radical" consult your doctor.

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