April 19, 2024

All about tutoring: at each age its needs

In primary: Assisting

- Theschool offers more and more support after class: Several hours are available to work in small groups.
- Mostly parents appeal a teacher (via private tutoring organizations) or a student! Opt instead for the latter solution. The student identifies more easily with a student than a teacher because he feels closer to him.
Our advice : In primary school, the child is still young, so do not invest homework too early.

In college, it's time to act!

- It is most often in fifth that behavior problems occur. We often observe at this age a lack of interest inschoolwhich can be very cyclical but also very violent.
-For a schoolboy, the private course can become a real break in a schedule that he tends to build only around activities with friends.
-The private course can help parents and children to step back. Especially if the speaker is a little "multitasking". It is sometimes as important to work as much on the school knowledge as on the universe of life of the child
-Also think about associationswhich offer free courses for students in difficulty. Courses can take place at theschool or in the local association
- It also existssupports in the very heart of national education. The high school reform has set up internships but also support modules with professionals of theeducation !

In high school, work on methods

As the student grows, very concrete organizational problems often disappear, at least partially. But method defects are more resistant. Know how to take readable notes during class, write effective summary sheets ....Intensive courses are often a good solution.Their goal is to succeed in improving the student's work methods.

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