August 2, 2021

All about tutoring: follow the guide!

Between individual and group classes, what to choose?
For students who need to catch up, gain a working method, or be re-motivated, individual coaching will be preferred. Collective help may be useful for a student who wants to improve.

Are stakeholders from private organizations really competent?
Not all of course. It is essential to inquire before. But most require that students have at least bac + 3 level validated. Some organizations (such as Le Cours Legendre) promise higher levels of recruitment: Masters or PhD level and professorsEducation national pensioner or retirees.

Are tutoring classes tax deductible?
School support, like all personal services, is an activity that allows you to benefit from real tax benefits. We can benefit from a 50% reduction or an income tax credit, from all the amounts paid during the year. In other words, when we pay 30? for an hour of class ... we only pay, in the end, only 15. Private organizations tend to use this argument to convince parents!

Football Manager 2017 Youth Development Guide | Tutoring (August 2021)