May 20, 2024

All about Wellbox, the anti-aging and anti cellulite machine!

The Wellbox is a real anti-aging and anti-aging machine cellulite revolutionary. A little gem of technology, the Wellbox allows in 6 minutes a day (in cure of one month) to fight against the weight of the years and the sagging of the tissues.
You just need to have the morning jerk reflex with your Wellbox.
In a light version adapted for personal use, it concentrates and combines all the techniques developed by the experts at LPG Systems, the specialist in cell stimulation.
Body care, face care : discover the Wellbox revolution.
The Wellbox wakes up your tired look, eliminates dark circles, boosts skin radiance, smoothes and prevents wrinkles, firms skin and sculpts your figure.
It can also accompany you during dieting or after a birth.

The contents of the Wellbox box :
The Wellbox box contains two different body heads, one for large surfaces, one for the narrowest of the inner arm type.

Recommended retail price: 990?
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