October 25, 2021

All the "first" babies - To help you

Many books dealing with the subject are of course available:

Imitate to grow. Development of baby and the child with autism, J.Nadel. Written by a research director at the CNRS, this book provides many answers on the development of the child and especially on imitation to learn better.

raise Baby 2011, Hachette Editions. Marcel Rufo is a renowned specialist who has already written many books on childhood. In his book, this pediatrician and child psychiatrist enlighten parents on theeducation of their child. He is also the author of other books on child development such as: Why baby cry, how to help baby to sleep well?

I'm waiting for a child, 2011 version of Laurence Pernoud. Horay Editions. This book, well known moms accompanies them from the first month of their child. Everything is there: advice on the awakening of the child, on its motor and psychological development, memos, administrative information. This book is a true Bible that parents will enjoy reading because it is rich in recommendations and explanations.

Funny Babies Trying to Say First Words - Funny Fails Baby Video (October 2021)