December 9, 2019

All the gourmet secrets of koulibiac

What does a classic Koulibiac contain?
Koulibiac is a pie. It contains Salmon (filleted) in its traditional version, but also mushrooms, rice, boiled eggs, dill and cheese.

Which dough to use?
If most recipes advise the purchase of a dough flaky, do not hesitate, if you can cook, prepare a dough brioche, which is the original recipe.

Make a Koulibiac
If koulibiac initially contained cabbage, semolina, fish and eggs, hard, we now find different variants. Generally, it is eaten stuffed with mushrooms, boiled eggs and tenderloins. Salmon. Adding spinach makes it a good choice dish even more complete! To get started, buy your dough puff pastry and prepare three boiled eggs, mushrooms, cooked rice, a little dill, 2 fillets Salmon, a little olive oil, shallots, as well as salt and pepper. Cook the fillets in the oil in the pan, then reserve while keeping the cooking juices. This allows you to return your shallots and mushrooms. Preheat your oven to 200 ° C and cut the dough in two to accommodate your pad, like a slipper. Once closed, your Koulibiac is almost ready for cooking: brush with egg yolk to get a nice golden color, then cook for at least 30 minutes. The result ? A dish Russian surprising to serve with a salad!

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