September 28, 2020

All the secrets of a successful wedding buffet

Theme evening
A formula that is more and more followers is the buffet theme. You celebrate wedding in Brittany ? Take the opportunity to treat your guests with cookies. In Auvergne, serve a truffade or aligot. Some caterers have also specialized in this type of evening and can offer an entertainment such as cooking a giant paella or cook a beef leg on the spit.

Stay in finesse
Even for a buffet, take care of the details and stay in finesse. Serve a tartiflette in Savoie, it's nice, but when you live there, it can be very upsetting. So pay more attention to menube vigilant about the sensibilities and convictions of your loved ones; and do not shock anyone. Make compromises and bet on delicate dishes and beautiful flavors. Serve cherry tomatoes or grated carrots at a wedding, okay but as long as you warn the guests that the atmosphere will be relaxed, friendly and "to the good franquette". Otherwise, you risk disappointing and attracting the wrath of people who expect more refined dishes.

Plan on warm
The season weddings starts in April and ends in September. Unfortunately, the sun is not always there, even in the middle of August. To feast your guests with a buffet, always plan a fallback solution, under a marquee or indoors. But above all, serve a hot dish. Eating cold when it's chilly does not please everyone. To make everyone remember your union as a wonderful moment, ask your caterer to serve a gratin Dauphinois with a meat, seasonal vegetables to accompany a salmon pavé ...

Bet on an animation!
Some caterers also offer culinary entertainment. They can take place during the reception or the meal. Depending on the formulas, the restaurateur cooks duck aiguillettes or scallops à la plancha, slices Parma ham in front of your guests, or makes them taste a variation of foie gras. The animation allows to rhythm the buffet but also to break the ice between the guests.

Beware of false savings
For your buffet, plan enough quantity and do not mégot not. Trust the caterers who know their job. Sometimes you get hungry at the end of a meal wedding. Blame it on underestimated quantities. This is rare but it happens. So differentiate buffet and cheap meal. In addition, be attentive to the details, take care of the decoration and the arts of the table... And all your guests will fall in love with your buffet wedding !

What You Should Really Know Before Eating At A Buffet (September 2020)